We have been hosting our various software businesses on SPARC hardware since the late 90’s, starting with Netra T1 servers. We have found them to be solid and reliable, some servers are still running after a decade with original disks and power supplies. But you know all this, you are using Sun or Oracle hardware and you’re looking at options for cloud based hosting.

Options for SPARC hosting are limited. The big players are targeting the enterprise market and costs are steep. If your needs are simple, you are just starting out, or you just want to experiment with various options — you’ve come to the right place.

We can give you a very low cost setup for either a virtual machine or a dedicated host.

Enterprise Class Data Center

Highly available and highly secure. Our data center is designed and built with the most advanced engineering, security and technology systems to provide the highest levels of availability and uptime.

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Flexible Hosting Options

The easiest, simplest, most cost effective option is to have your own virtual host in a Solaris Zone.
You can also have your own dedicated host.

In either case you get full root access and you can install your own version of Solaris.

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No Contracts

This is a pay-as-you-go service with no contract or long term obligation.

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Buy With Confidence

We make setup easy and low cost. There’s little risk for you. Try out our service knowing you are not locked in to a contract or hefty one time setup charges.

We offer 4 hour response time for support issues. We monitor the systems 24×7 to ensure up time. After all, we use these servers to run our own business! You can contact us for support by phone or email.